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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Are cakes, cupcakes, & cake jars only available to those in the listed area?

Cakes & cake jars are available for shipping. Cupcakes are not available for shipping. S&H will be added to total.

2. Do any of the Cakery & Confections contain peanuts or peanut products ?

Yes, only the "Lunette's Red Velvet Cake & "3 Karat Carrot Cake" contain nuts. Products can be made without them, however request needs to be made when ordering.

3. Is there a delivery fee?

Customers that select for their order to be delivered, will be charged a $10 delivery fee. Customers can meet agreed upon location to avoid delivery fee charge.

4. Are there cancellations?

Yes, a full refund will be given if cancellation is made within 7 days notice of intended date. Within 7 day order cancellations will not  be refunded.

5. What cake designs are considered base cakes?

Anything listed under "Menu" tab is considered a "base cake". Major changes or specifications to those will need to be ordered through the "Custom Cakes" tab.

6.How far in advance will orders need to be placed?

Orders needed within 3 days will be charged a $25 rush fee , in addition the cakery product price. A 10 day notice is required for regular orders. However, a custom cake order is not confirmed until confirmed by a 3918 team member.

7. How long does "Menu" item orders take to be fulfilled?

As long as ordering guidelines are followed, order will be fulfilled on or before intended date.

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